Introducing our Team

Maddie Zimmerman

Co-Owner & Transportation Specialist

After living in Chelan for more than 15 years, Maddie is incredibly knowledgeable and familiar with the Lake Chelan Valley. As our transportation specialist, Maddie will have no problem taking you to whichever venues you choose. With her extensive knowledge of Chelan, Maddie can also give you excellent recommendations– from places to lounge during the day, the best restaurants to visit in town, and of course, the best attractions in Chelan. Maddie is looking forward to meeting you, and wants to make this the best experience she possibly can for you!

Maddie is your tour guide!

Todd and Tami Steel


We love Wine Touring!

Todd and Tami have been coming to Lake Chelan for decades.  Tami had been vacationing here for over 40 years and she introduced Todd to the beauty of the valley when they met over 25 years ago!  Back then, there weren’t any wineries, but when the first winery opened in 2000 it peaked their interest, as they loved both wine and the valley. Todd and Tami are so excited to continue their connection to the Lake Chelan Valley and they look forward to helping you enjoy it to the best of your abilities!


Our Tour Bus

Corky the Van was born in 2019 and is a Ford Transit 350 XLT.  She was chosen because it is a comfortable and spacious ride. Corky’s high roof allows the tallest and shortest of individuals to enter while standing up. She is sporting a new Alexa based stereo system and fancy interior LED lights for those dark nights.  Corky was originally setup to carry 14 plus driver, however for your enjoyment and to carry anything you may purchase on our tours, she has been reconfigured for a comfortable maximum of 12 plus driver.

Corky, the Van will tour you in safety

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